CHARITY AUCTION – Jessica Capshaw

“The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable”

Oscar Arias

Being inspired is for me personally one of the best things in life. It makes you really think about certain topics and it motivated me to start making a change.

Jessica Capshaw, most well known for her role as Dr. Arizona Robbins in the hit series Grey’s Anatomy, has truly inspired me. Besides being a wonderful actress, making me cry and laugh while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica is also someone who supports different non-profit organizations (Baby2Baby, Healthy Child, MomsCAF,…). She is an environmental advocate and definitely a good-hearted person. Jessica uses her voice and is willing to make a change. She shares her passion, she shows her support on twitter for organizations, she makes us listen and think about certain topics. And that’s what we need today. Someone who doesn’t just talk, but someone who is a ‘do-er’ and puts their words into action.

As a personal THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Jessica, I’ve decided to do something. I’ve set up this charity auction benefiting an organization that Jessica supports, namely ‘Healthy Child, Healthy World’. Their mission is to empower parents to take action and protect their children from harmful chemicals.

For the past couple of months, I have been working on a ‘quote-picture’ album of Dr. Arizona Robbins. It is an album filled with ‘Arizona’ quotes and pictures from Season 5 to Season 9. Going from ‘I have a cure for a headache that doesn’t involve coffee’ to the ‘Good Man in a storm’ speech. 52 pages with in my opinion some of the best quotes.

The items that are being auctioned are: Personalized and signed limited edition photo and quote albums of Jessica Capshaw. Take note that the signed albums are LIMITED and are collectors items!

Official Charity Auction - Jessica Capshaw

So HOW will this auction go? If you are interested in this limited edition album, here are the details of the auction you should know and follow…

I’ve decided to set up a silent auction. So I won’t be using services such as Ebay. My reason for that is simple. On Ebay you sometimes get people (not even fans) who just bid on items to just have it and sell it again for higher prices. That’s how it usually goes. In my opinion doing a silent auction gives all fans the opportunity to bid (more than once),…

If you want to participate you have to do 2 things:

  • First of all send an email to with your full name, country and twitter name, with subject ‘Registration Charity’. You will get an email back ( within 24hours) and you will get a registration number. This number will be used in further communication. It is important that you remember this number!! 1 entry per person!
  • When you get an email back with this registration number, you have 24hours to send a second email with subject ‘My charity bid’ followed by your registration number and mention in the email the highest amount (your maximum bid) you want to bid for this item (if possible in €). This information will be registrated.

Every bidder will know the ‘position’ of his bid once the bid has been made. If the bidder needs to bid higher, he/she will get an email! If you want you can always bid higher by sending another email with your registration number and your new bid. Remember, the albums personalized and signed are limited!

The auction runs from TODAY, November 6th 2013 until November 15th 2013

There are 10 albums available so the top 10 bidders will each win a copy. Minimum bids will therefore reflect the current state of bidding.

Once the auction is finished (last day of auction will be announced later), the highest bidder will receive a confirmation email with further instructions about the payment,… Follow @CharityJessicaC on twitter for updates!

It should be made clear that this is a CHARITY auction and it will benefit Healthy Child, Healthy World, an organization that Jessica supports!


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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