One of the things I really love about the USA are the organizations, companies,… working for a good cause. People strive to make a difference, to educate people, to make a change. One of the organizations I really respect and support is Moms Clean Air Force. They talk about topics that should play a central role in everyone’s life. Because I wanted to know more about Moms Clean Air Force, I was… Read More

Jessica Capshaw attended the 10th annual GLSEN Respect Awards at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel on October 17, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. During an interview Jessica said the following and it is so true: “Being impervious to your elements is sometimes a good thing. And it’s not that you should be without feelings or without care. But most of the time whatever you’re worried about isn’t worrisome. The only person who… Read More

The past week has been indescribably difficult. I had to say goodbye to my grandfather, my Godfather, my Hero,… I feel empty, sad, even angry that he had to go. He was an example of how to live life to the fullest even when it was difficult. He never complained, he always thought of others first. His love was endless and my love for him is endless. I will forever feel your… Read More

I’m a huge fan of inspiring manifestos. And the following one is just amazing!

Day Of The Girl, October 11. While watching the news a few days ago, there was a small part about child marriages in Bangladesh. Basically those girls are robbed from their childhood and forced to marry a man who is a lot older and someone they don’t know at all. Every year an estimated 15million girls aged under 18 are married worldwide with little or no say in the matter. They drop… Read More

It’s Impossible, said Pride. It’s Risky, said Experience. It’s Pointless, said Reason. Give it a try, whispered the Heart.

Santorini, a Greek island, is probably one of my favorite islands so far. The colorful small houses on top of the mountains are breathtakingly stunning. One of the things that still feels like yesterday, even though it all happened in 2005, was the excursion to the volcano. This volcano is quite famous because it erupted in the past and made a big part of the island sink. It used to be 1 island,… Read More

We all heard about the eruption of the Bardabunga volcanic system in Iceland. But these videos are really impressive. It’s amazing to see things like this up close, thanks to our improving technology! Montage of the footage

This TED talk by Daria van den Bercken makes me miss playing piano. Maybe I should start playing again… To feel that state of wonder, to truly listen… and to listen without prejudice  

Sometimes my smartphone and I are one person during the week. So in a way ‘disconnecting to connect’ is something I should try during the weekends… Excellent advice, Christopher Gavigan!


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