Every year I try to create something. Usually it is just a simple idea that pops up and keeps me company for a long time, waiting for me to act and do something with it. It starts as something that is personal but at the same time something I want to share with others for some reason. About a year ago I had this idea of creating a key ring based on… Read More

At some point in our lives we all picked up a crayon. At school, home, at a friend’s birthday party,… We all wanted to create something. The family of Sheila Michail Morovati used to dine at a kid friendly restaurant in their neighborhood several times a week. At the end of every meal, Sheila would guiltily eye four bright, virtually unused crayons, knowing they shouldn’t be tossed in the trash. It’s a… Read More

One of the most demotivating questions you can ask yourself is ‘what if’? We all have ‘what if’ moments, but in my opinion there is basically nothing good about that question. I sometimes have so many ‘what if…’ questions going through my mind, that I start doubting everything. ‘What if I stayed in London’, ‘What if I defended myself instead of keeping my mouth shut’, ‘What if I did things differently in… Read More


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